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The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra extends sincere condolences to the McCallion family for their loss.

A strong advocate of arts and culture within Mississauga, Hazel McCallion was instrumental in the development of our home, the Living Arts Centre. She remarked at our 50th anniversary concert in November 2022:

“…we knew we could not be a city without having a beautiful place for artists to perform, for the Mississauga Symphony, and many others. I thought there needed to be a facility for the young people, to be able to join all the wonderful music groups we have in Mississauga. But, y’know, a city without a symphony is not a city. I want to specially thank those who participate in the symphony to give of their time and talent for the joy of others, and that is what the symphony does, provides joy for others. You share your talent and your time for the community. Tonight we should be very proud, as Mississaugans, that we have a wonderful symphony in our city.”

Thank you, Mayor McCallion, for 36 years of fierce, honest, inspirational leadership. Thank you for giving your time and talents to the development of Mississauga, a city that provides much joy for its residents. Thank you for being an advocate for the orchestra, and for all organizations who strive to enrich our culture through the arts in Mississauga.  You will be greatly missed.


Eileen Keown

Executive Director


J. Anne Milochik

Chair, Board of Directors