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The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra are excited to announce that Pfaff BMW will be the official concert sponsor for The Music of Star Wars taking place at the Living Arts Centre on Saturday, April 29!

“We are thrilled at Pfaff BMW’s commitment to the MSO”, says Claudine LaRochelle, Director of Fundraising and Development. “With their support, the MSO will be able to enhance key production elements like sound and lighting. This will truly be a concert that is not to be missed!”

Anthony Pellicori, General Manager of Pfaff BMW says, “The arts are an integral part of our cultural heritage and identity and supporting them is a way of preserving and celebrating our shared human experiences. Music has the power to touch people in ways that transcend language, bringing people together and inspiring a sense of community. In sponsoring the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, we hope that in a small way we helped provide opportunities for musicians to showcase their talents and share their passion for music with audiences. Also, that it may spur the creation of new music, the preservation of existing works, and the development of educational programs that can help cultivate the next generation of musicians and music lovers.“

From the Imperial March to the Throne Room End Title, The Music of Star Wars will feature well-known pieces from the beloved space opera. Regular ticket prices start at $40. Special pricing is available for seniors, families, and patrons 15-26. Complimentary underground parking is included with every ticket purchase. Tickets to The Music of Star Wars can be purchased here, or by phone via the Living Arts Centre box office at: 905-306-6000.