Monthly Giving is convenient for you and easy on your budget! It’s also a wonderful way to deepen your commitment to the orchestra, while giving us the security of a steady, reliable stream of income.

The size of the gift doesn’t matter. Whether you choose to donate $5 or $500 a month*, just the simple act of supporting us monthly gives us the security and stability to give Mississauga symphonic music that is nothing short of excellence!

We hope you choose to become a monthly supporter of the MSO

“Musicians and orchestras are extraordinary treasures, and to deny them a place in our society is to deprive everyone of one of the most positive and magical experiences in life.”

Tony Woodcock, Contributor, HuffPost
The Benefits of Being a Monthly Supporter
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Monthly supporters are a vital part of our daily operations, and as such, we have created a Monthly
Donor Circle that yields exclusive perks for you from the day you join.

All benefits are cumulative as you increase your monthly donation. By donating to the monthly giving program:

- $5 or more, you can Adopt-a Musician of your choice, be recognized in our concert house program as a musician sponsor and receive a tax receipt.

- $10 or more, you will be recognized in our concert house program in the Allegro Club section.

- $25 or more, you will become a Friend of the MSO and receive an elegant 50th Anniversary water bottle.

- $50 or more, you will become a Benefactor of the MSO and receive two complimentary tickets to a concert of your choice**. You will also receive an exclusive invitation for two to attend an Open
Rehearsal for Donors.

- $100 or more, you will become an Ambassador of the MSO and receive an exclusive invitation to have refreshments with the musicians after the concert.

- $250 or more, you will be part of the Musicians Circle and will receive an invitation to an exclusive annual event.

By becoming a monthly supporter, you will receive a special invitation
to our Grand Event that will be the culmination of our 50th Anniversary year.

** Exceptions apply.

How Do I Become a Monthly Supporter?

Simply complete the form below!

How to I modify / cancel my monthly support?

1. Log into your CanadaHelps account. 

2. Select the ‘Monthly Donations’ tab. 

3. A list of all monthly donations will display. To the right of ‘Orchestras Mississauga’, click the ‘Actions’ button. 

4. A menu will display, select the ‘Edit’ option. You may increase/decrease your monthly donation or ‘Stop this payment’. 

5. Then ‘Save‘ your information.

If you would like to discuss the monthly donation options, contact Claudine LaRochelle at (416)  704-0238 or

* A donation of $5 / month minimum is required to enroll in the program *

For more information, contact Claudine LaRochelle at (416) 704-0238 or

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