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PAUL WESTON CONSULTING will be offering a scholarship to a suitably qualified and deserving young person during the spring of 2024.

The scholarship will be worth $1,000CAD to be divided equally between coaching/lessons/membership fees in music and sport.

The objective of the PWC Music and Sports Scholarship is to reward a young person who displays outstanding levels of dedication to music and sport within the prescribed criteria and to assist them in their future development.

The successful candidate will benefit from the following criteria:
➢Be aged 16 years or younger on December 31, 2024.
➢Be resident in the Greater Toronto/Southern Ontario Area.
➢Have at least two years’ experience of playing and learning an orchestral or concert band instrument and be participating in an organised youth orchestra or concert band.
➢Have at least two years’ experience of playing and learning either a team or endurance sport and be participating in either an organised league or race schedule.
➢Display the qualities to suggest they are devoted to their music and sporting activities.
➢Be recommended by their music teacher, orchestra/band director and sports coach or team leader.

The successful candidate will have been actively studying an orchestral or concert band instrument for a period of no fewer than two years (this includes any instrument in the strings, woodwind, brass or percussion section of an orchestra or concert band, but not piano or keyboard only).

They will have been an active member of a youth orchestra or concert band within the Greater Toronto or Southern Ontario Area for at least the previous 12 months.

They will have been receiving regular lessons from a professional teacher.

The successful candidate will have been actively participating in a team sport (e.g. hockey, rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc.) or endurance sport (e.g. running, cycling, cross country skiing, triathlon, etc.) for a period of no fewer than two years.

They will have been an active member of an approved sports program in their school or through an approved provincial sports body (e.g. Ontario Cycling, Ontario Triathlon etc.).

Interested applicants should complete and submit an application form by no later than March 31, 2024.
The application should be accompanied by a short statement (no more than three paragraphs) from respective music and sports teachers/coaches stating why they believe the applicant is deserving of this award.

Supporting videos of musical performances and/or sporting activities are not mandatory, but will be accepted in support of applications.

To request an application from, please email:

A short-list of applicants will be selected for Zoom interview during April 2024 (with parental attendance).

The successful applicant will be announced in May 2024.
The decision of the PWC Music and Sports Scholarship Committee is final.

A presentation of the Scholarship Certificate will be made at a concert or rehearsal and at a sports practice or competition at a mutually agreed upon date.

Payments of $500 will then be made to respective programs in music and sport in support of the successful candidate to assist in their membership dues, coaching, lessons etc.

The successful candidate should be comfortable with their award and images being shared on Social Media platforms in order to recognise their achievements and promote their musical and sporting activities as well as the scholarship program.

Paul Weston Consulting reserves the right to not award the scholarship in the event that no candidate is deemed suitable.