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What is a digital concert? 

A digital concert is just that, a performance that exists in a digital format that uses the internet to connect to audiences across the world.

How can I watch your digital concert?

Our digital concerts can be accessed via your desktop, mobile device (ipad, smartphone, laptop), or Smart TV. All of our digital concerts are streamed LIVE. Make sure to set your alerts for a few minutes before showtime, and tune into our website at: www.mississaugasymphony/digital-concerts. If you experience problems with the stream on our website, you can also visit our Vimeo page as a backup.

What happens if the stream is interrupted?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of copyright law and the evolving landscape of livestreaming, there is a chance that our concert will be interrupted. It is important that you do not refresh or close your browser at any point during the concert.

Why can’t I hear music?

Our livestreams begin muted. Make sure to adjust the volume icon in the lower right hand corner of the embedded video to enable sound.